Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! On Walkabout!

Hello Everyone!!!
I was on Walk About today and so the timing of this post has been pushed back a little bit a little later than usual!
Incidentally, if you are in the Sauk Center, MN (USA) area, there is a fabulous little shop there called Heaven and Earth Essentials, which is connected to Main Street Antiques and has intriguing and beautiful things in every nook and cranny. More info is on their website here. I've already drunk some of the Firefly Chai that I purchased from Barbara, the owner, and YUM! is the best word I have for it!
Here is a little photo of my bag 'o chai goodness!!!

And, of course, no Walkabout would be complete without the finding and purchasing of bead-y goodness! I did, indeed, find a small bead shop during my adventures today and wanted to share a photo of my modest bit of loot with you!

Most of this is Czech-pressed glass and I'm looking forward to creating with them... especially as I have a few ideas boiling and brewing inside my head even now!

How does this tie in to the whimsy of Whimsy Wednesday? You-all are able to share in the whims and whimsy of my Walkabout (of course!)by seeing what I bring home and hearing about my adventures!

And with that, Good Night!
See you on Friday!!!

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