Friday, October 21, 2011

Fini Friday! A Story of Time...

Hello Everyone!
I hope your Friday has been as warm and enjoyable as mine has!
In keeping with the Fini Friday theme of finishing that which has been started but then languishing incomplete, I have a necklace to show you today that features one of my Popcap Pendants!
I create the Popcap Pendants from recycled popcaps and embellish them with scrapbooking paper and stickers, glitter, old watch parts, beads, gemstones, found objects and etc.

This particular pendant was created with a scrapbook sticker, glitter, and old watch parts all sealed in with a non-toxic resin. Take a look!

It was fun creating the rest of the necklace using links from different chain, upcycled necklaces, charms and beads. The clasp is actually in the front, with all sorts of fun letters stamped in it! I love that I was able to keep a warm color palette while mixing in a great many intriguing charms and beads!
Here is the the entire creation...
Title: A Story of Time
Ingredients: old watch parts, swarovski crystals, metal, glitter, lead-free pewter, non-toxic resin, glass, and brass.

Don't forget that I'll be at BellaWeen at BellaLuna Boutique in Minnetonka, MN (USA) next Saturday (the 29th of October)! Stop by for that last little thing to complete your costume or just celebrate Halloween with us!

See you next week!

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