Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! New Mood Beads, New Creations!

Hello Everyone!! Welcome back to Whimsy Wednesday!
I've been playing with some new mood beads as well as beadable pens and wine stoppers!! The pens and stainless steel wine stoppers have been around a while, but I just hadn't felt inspired to do much with them until now. With the recent procurement of newly-designed mood beads, I thought I'd try my hand at a few of each! You can see what grew into completion below!
First, the wine bottle stoppers! Stainless steel with rubber rings that act as gaskets, these are fun and functional! The center bead is the mood bead, framed by two carved bone beads.
Title: (edited to include title) As Yet Unknown...

The second wine stopper is graced with hand-crafted lamp-work and furnace glass (USA Artists) beads, accented with lead-free pewter beads with a Greek key design.
Title: (Edited to include title) In Vino Veritas

On to the Pens!
The first pen is also adorned with hand-crafted furnace glass (USA artist) with a dramatic white-centered orb at the top (either glass or acrylic)! Paired with the black finish on the pen, this reminds me of an old fashioned gas light... or perhaps a tool used by a wizard to illuminate or dispel illumination...
Title: Old Fashioned, With a Modern Twist
(The nib of the pen extends and retracts with a twist of the pen, about mid-way up.. see the pun in the title?) *grin*

And the last pen I have to show you uses one of my favorite new mood bead designs... a mermaid!!! Yup!! The middle orb is a swimming mermaid, enclosed on either side with complimentary, smaller mood beads, and accentuated with lead-free pewter and cobalt blue glass beads.

Title: A Mermaid's Tale

Finally, a closer look at those gorgeous mood beads!

All of these will be with me this Saturday at BellaWeen at BellaLuna Boutique in Minnetonka, MN (USA)! Whether you're looking for that last fabulous piece to tie your costume together for Saturday night parties, to pamper yourself before said parties or taking the little ones out for Trick or Treat or just want to shop at a new, interesting, independently-owned shoppe, this event is for you! We'll have massage therapists, jewelry, stones, scarves, bottle, bits and bobs, Faeries, dragons, Intuitive Readers, Live Music and more!!
See you Friday!

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