Friday, November 4, 2011

Fini Friday! New Mood Creations!

Hello Everyone!!
It's FRIDAY!!!!
I'm packing up for the show tomorrow, but wanted to give you a few glimpses at the newest creations I'll have with me tomorrow!!
I wanted to more play time with those new mood beads and needed to create more finished creations with them, as many of the previous mood creations have been adopted! So!! Here we go!!

Title: An Opulent Mood
Ingredients: "Opulent Arches" Mood bead, Swarovski crystals, hand-finished brass, Czech glass, metal, lead-free pewter.

Mmmmmmmm.... Cobalt Blue Swarovski Crystals!!!!!

Title: Travelling Turtle Island
Ingredients: "Turtle Island" and "Rosy Posy" Mood beads, lead-free pewter, sterling silver, suede, anodized aluminum.

I love the turtle design on that center mood bead!! There are two turtles swimming around that bead, each with a different pose! Also, I love the legend of Turtle Island! In Native American lore, Turtle Island is the land masses of the Earth. Legend has it that humans live on the back of a great turtle who swims in the oceans of the Earth. So, we could be travelling Turtle Island as we go about our daily lives. The clasp reminds me so much of spiral galaxies... of which our Milky Way is one. So, our Turtle Island is travelling around our galaxy, too!! Many meanings, one necklace!

Title: A Flair for the Romantic
Ingredients: "Fountain Fern" Mood bead, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, copper-plated metal, metal.

I love the fern design on this mood bead and the vibrant hues of Ruby, Padparadscha and Light Amethyst Swarovski crystals!

I'll have these available at the Artisan Fair in Chanhassen, MN (USA) this Saturday!
It would be grand to see you there!!! Either way, have an excellent weekend!!

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