Friday, November 11, 2011

Fini Friday! Walkabouts and Fairy Hair Creations!

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to Fini Friday!!!
I've been a little quiet this week because I've spent a busy few days on Walkabout and so away from the computer and studio!
In keeping with the Fini Friday idea....I've a new batch of creations that are growing into completion to show you today! I'll also give you a peek at some of what I've collected on Walkabout at the end of the post!

So, I've been mulling over the suggestion from some of you about Fairy Hair Accessories. And I found that I liked the idea, but I waited until I could create something truly my own, truly unique and that would be truly a Sprite Creation! And now I've done just that!!

The fabric flowers you see there are part of the disassembled faux flower lei that I've had for years! The elastic holding it together has been dead for a while (you can see it and the plastic bits that were spacers between bunches of flowers at the top left of the photo), yet the flowers are still in good shape and I wanted to reuse them, if possible!

You can see, on the right, barrettes which are to be the base for the accessories. I loved the rainbow colors and glitter with which these were already adorned!
You also spy some bits and bobs of my glitter collection as well as some of the beads I'm pondering using to complete the hair creations! The vision is to include "just" "simple" barrettes as well as those with little flowers and leaves that can twine through the hair.
And finally, a glimpse of some of those flowers be-decked with glitter as well as a shot of the entire creation process so far!

I save nearly every thing I work with, in terms of materials, so I'm looking forward to using my scrap colored wire to add yet more color, texture and interest to these!
Stay tuned for the finished creations!

And now, that peep into my modest collection of things while on Walkabout!

Much of what you see here are materials I'll be using in upcoming Creations, however, the candle in the red tulle that can be seen at the top of the photograph is a goodie that I purchased while doing a little early Winter Holiday shopping! It is hand-made and scented with orange essential oil! Yum!

One more little note before you go on to your fabulous weekend...
Myself and Sprite Creations will be at the Arts Fest in North Branch (MN, USA) next Saturday, Nov. 19th from 10am to 4pm! Click on the link for more details! Stop on by to see us and get a jump on your Winter Holiday shopping, while supporting independent artists and their art!

Thanks for stopping by my little Fairy corner of the 'Web!

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