Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GratitudeWhimsy Wednesday! Royal Crayon Artwork and Abundance!

Welcome to the day before the American Holiday of Thanksgiving and a few days before Winter Holidays shopping really takes off!
I'll be filling up my
Etsy shoppe over the coming days as well as attending my two remaining events of the year: Holiday Geek Expo and The Women's Art Festival!
I've lots of new designs and ideas laid out in the studio, so stay tuned for the latest creations and perhaps a deal or two in the offering!!!

I've a rather imaginary and whimsical creation to show you right out of the gate today! The idea for this design has been absolutely centered around the pendant, which I obtained from a fellow artist. It is lampwork glass, hand-made by an unknown artist, suspended by sterling silver wire. I love the simple, unrefined artistry of it and lo! the title of the creation was born!
Imagine, if you will, a small girl, in a futuristic yet Medieval/Renaissance time or place, doodling with crayons and creating her very own pendant with those crayons... perhaps she asks her favorite magician to turn her drawing to glass...perhaps she begs her Mother or Father to request the same from the court magician... however it occurs, this pendant is, most definitely, Her Majesty's Royal Crayon Artwork.
Threaded onto velvet ribbon and secured around the neck with golden accented (gold-plate) hearts within sterling silver hearts...with some adjustment so that it grows with her as she matures, this is a simply endearing creation!

Title: Her Majesty's Royal Crayon Artwork
Ingredients: Lampwork glass pendant, sterling silver, velvet ribbon, metal.

This last creation is a pendant that echoes the simple theme above, yet is stunning for all that! This elegant pendant has, at it's heart, the beautifully detailed turkey, solidly cast in sterling silver! Some North Native American legends call the Turkey "Night Eagle" and this astonishing likeness evokes that majesty! Our Turkey is surrounded by Swarovski crystal in gleaming Fall colors of Olivine, Mocca and Fire Opal and yet more sterling silver! The pendant would hang from a chain, cord or etc. as you see it suspended from the Forest Green ribbon.

Title: Abundance

Ingredients: Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals

This pendant carries with it the deeper meaning of a holiday of giving Thanks for the abundance of food and resources, particularly in staving off times of scarcity. The American holiday of Thanksgiving has always been one of offering gratitude for the abundance we have been blessed with. Whether those blessings are good food, excellent companions, abundant resources and so on, it is good to take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for all of it!
Let me take a moment here to elaborate on this. About three years ago, I left the corporate world to devote myself full-time to Sprite Creations. I had so many ideas and designs in my head that I felt could help the world be a better place through inspiring creativity and assisting people in creating the life they wanted. The years of retail and other industry experience would serve me well, and I was ready to be my own boss and create my own company and culture.
Creating everything from the mystical to Steampunk, Faerie to modern art and nearly everything in-between and with all manner of materials from resin to metal and old watch parts, upholstery trim, hand-dyed fiber, to wire, I strive to bring the truly one-of-a-kind to you. I focus on interweaving the eco-friendly throughout my processes and materials, which is why much of my office supplies and equipment are recycled or repurposed as well as my materials. I create my own components or purchase many of them directly from the artists who create them (many of whom reside in the USA).
All of the events I give my time and energy to have a secondary purpose such as celebrate diversity, support local schools, independent artists and art programs, independent businesses, and charities. Many folks can make jewelry. From the beginning, I created (and still create) the unusual, the meaningful and what most call Art. From the hand-written and hand-stamped story tags for each creation to the absolute attention to detail for each charm, or bead or pendant, it is easy to see the high standards I set for myself and my creations. Yet, it is important to send whimsy out into the world and so I attempt to intertwine playfulness into everything I create. As you move through this Holiday season and into the New Year, I Thank You for your support of me and Sprite Creations! I could not do this without you-all. Your support and travelling with me these years has made it possible for Sprite Creations to grow and even thrive in a rather turbulent time in our world.

Thank You.

And so! Here is wishing you all a Happy Day of Thanks! Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, please accept my gratitude and thanks for travelling with and supporting me on this journey that is Sprite Creations!

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