Friday, November 25, 2011

Fini Friday! Shopping, Squinkies and More!

Hello Everyone!
It is Friday and I have been out on Walkabout shopping on Black Friday for the first time in my adult life! I am not really a Black Friday shopping-sort of person, as there is no material thing I need to purchase for someone that badly. However, a good friend of mine convinced me to go with her and we always have fun together. That and it was understood that we absolutely did not leave the house before 8:30am. The tipping point came when an offer of chai tea was made and I was accepted the mission!! I am happy to say that I have made great strides on my Winter Holiday shopping, we had a lot of fun and I have shinies to show you!

And with that, here is a photo of some of the loot I brought home with me!

I was able to acquire lots of nifty antiqued brass chain (undoubtedly some is steel and some is bass metal) that just beg to grow into Steampunk goodness. The brightly coloured creatures are Squinkies! Yes! More Squinkies!! I had so much fun with the first small batch that I created with that I decided to revisit Squinkie-ness and create with more of them! I'm betting that this is about as far as I'm going to go in terms of investing in them, so I'm intrigued to see what they grow into!
The golden circles you see in the center-left are actually adjustable bracelets!!! I am excited about the possibilities with these! I could stamp, wire-wrap, glue old paper or various ephemera and seal with resin and so much more!! YAY!! I love having nifty materials to play with!

I also have nifty finished creations to show you! Below is a photo of completed wire-wrapped rings, some with beads and some with vintage buttons as the focal(s).

These don't yet have titles and I will remedy that soon! Look for these and more creations to be added to my Etsy shoppe over the weekend!

Speaking of weekends, before I finish this post so we can all start our weekend, let me draw your attention to my event schedule for the rest of the year! (Isn't it strange to think of it that way???!!!)
Holiday Geek Expo and The Women's Art Festival! And I have one more BlogTalk Radio Interview on Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 3pm CST(USA). This will be chalk-full of Messages From the Faeries and we will be concentrating on Message #2. What is Message #2, you ask? You'll just have to tune in and see!
And now, I give you...The Weekend!!!!

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