Monday, September 17, 2012

Magical Monday! An Owl, A Gargoyle and Levitation!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
I hope your weekend was fabu!!! Mine was! I was honored to attend beloved friends' Fairytale Wedding!  It was truly amazing!! Many good wishes and love and Congrats!!! to the happy couple! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY!!!

Today I have a post for you that could be straight out of a wizard's world! 
Let's ease into the magic by starting with the more mundane! 
Owl Tree!
Mother Nature is a truly awesome artist! 

This next Magical bit is a most excellent yard companion and I'd love to give him or her a home in our yard!!!!! 
Giant Inflatable Gargoyle!!!!
I "heart" everything about this wonderfully detailed, heart-warming and mischievous beastie! In case you've fallen in love with him or her, too, here is where to purchase/adopt him or her! 

And now! 
Where Science and Magic meet!!! 
A short video about Acoustic Levitation and how it's actually being played with in laboratories right now!!!
What is Acoustic Levitation and how does it work, you ask? Click here for more details at How Stuff
So awesome!!!! Whee!! 
So!! What a nifty, magical, science-y (which I'm certain is a word!) start to your week! 
See you on Wednesday! 

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