Monday, September 24, 2012

Magical Monday! The Magical in the Mundane!

Hello Everyone! 
I hope your weekend was most excellent! 
Mine was, full of errands and meetings, yet also the excellent company of good friends, excellent conversation and nummy food! YAY! 
Today's post has a decidedly mechanical and extraordinary-mundane feel to it! Let's get started! 
I love everything about what this photo captures! It has a working title of "Concert Solidarity" and credits for it are here.

 This second bit of Magic can best be summed up by the title, "A General's Birthday Wish" and credits and details about it are here.
So incredibly awesome! 

The last bit of magic I have to share is about a man in Honduras building a helicopter. 
The link to the Youtube video is here and it is entitled,"Everything is Incredible". I love that idea! I don't know if his helicopter can fly or not...but then...perhaps that's not really the point of it. Perhaps the point was to simply build and complete the helicopter...Take a look at the video and see for yourself! 

And that wraps up another Magical Monday! 
Have an excellent next few days and I'll see you on Whimsy Wednesday! 

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