Friday, September 28, 2012

Fini Friday! An Unusual Balance!

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
I've a whole bunch of the unusual to show you today! 

I took a break and a brief trip to some of the woods on our property this afternoon. What glorious colours!!! I had to share them with you! 
How is this an unusual balance? I'm not certain how many others besides me are blessed to be able to travel to the woods on their breaks and breaks are, of course, part of the balance of "work" and play! 

The remainder of this post is devoted to the finishing of a creation that is unusual for me and that has languished too long in mid-growth! Here are the materials.... To the left is a new tag that could be used to attach to a cow, bull or steer for identification (with a wire-wrapped Wild Heart Swarovski Heart in Jet Black), black velvet ribbon drapes across the middle and a Fairy and her Serpent pendant are to our right. I love using materials that are meant for something other than jewelry, so the use of the cow identification tag is not unusual for me. The Fairy and Serpent pendant is not my usual style and came to me in a batch of nifty beads and materials from another artist! I decided to challenge myself and design something with these two companions  and the their overt sensual nature than re-gifting her to someone else. 

In keeping with this challenge, I decided to modify this pendant so that it was became the bar portion of a toggle-and-bar clasp, with the identification tag being the toggle.  Here's the back of that pendant, showing the wire-work that turned this into a bar portion of a clasp. 

Next is a close-up of the focal-clasp all complete!

And finally, the necklace in all it's completed glory!

Title: Sensual Balance
Ingredients:  Cow Identification Tag (plastic), Swarovski Crystal Wild Heart (Jet), Velvet ribbon, metal, copper wire.
There are so many delicious details in this necklace creation and I'm so pleased with it!
So, there you have it, a Fini Friday all finished!
Have an excellent weekend!

P.S. Want to know where I and Sprite Creations will be "in person" next?
Oct. 12th, 13th and 14th, we'll be at the Saint Paul Art Crawl in the Atrium of the Lowertown Lofts Artist Coop
This is the 20th Anniversary of the Saint Paul Art Crawl and it would be lovely to have you celebrate it with us! 

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