Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fini Friday! A Little Early....

Hello Hello! 
Welcome to Fini Friday! 
It is true that today is Thursday (rather than Friday), however tomorrow will be quite busy (away from the Internets) for me, so I'm posting early! 
I've finished creations from materials that might look familiar from this Fini Friday post
Let's take a look! 
Title: Her Majesty's Money 
Ingredients: Resin-encased (hand-coloured and painted with non-toxic resin) faux paper currency, Swarovski crystals (Sapphire and Crystal), Czech glass, Jeweler's Brass, surgical steel earwires(gold-plated). 
The idea for both of these creations was to pair them with Swarovski crystals in colours of jewels worthy of royalty. Gold, too, is always favored by the wealthy. And that is metal colour common to these two creations. 
Of course, the Queen Mother (featured on this faux bank notes) would have Diamonds (the closest Swarovski gets to diamond is crystal) and Sapphires! Also, whilst there is some 'frippery' to the design, it remains elegant and simple. 
Just like the Queen would want! 

Onward to the second fini creation! 
Title: Investments 
Ingredients: Resin-encased (hand-coloured and painted with non-toxic resin) faux paper currency, Swarovski crystals (Ruby), Czech glass, Jeweler's Brass, surgical steel earwires(gold-plated).
These bank notes focus on a gentleman of stature and repute and so the creation needed a bit more lavishness and adventure! I wanted the earrings to be elegant, yet "dripping" with rubies" (which is the colour of the Swarovski crystals, by the way!). 
Also mixed in the design was the desire to convey a more inquisitive, and worldly mindset (indicated in the metal wire-work and mixing of metal tones). 
These are for those who seek their fortunes in the world, rather than those who rule the world with their power and fortune. 
 All in all, quite a wealthy bunch, wouldn't you say? 

Don't forget my next exciting event TOMORROW!!!
I'll be a Faerie Reader at Fluevog and Opportunity Partners Charity Event Friday, June 21st from 5-9pm!
This is an RSVP only event and Charity Fundraiser, so click over here for more details and to get your name on the list!
I'll be offering brief 5-10 minute Faerie Readings at the Minneapolis Fluevog Store! 
It would be wonderful if you could join us!
See you soon!

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