Monday, June 3, 2013

Magical Monday! Pirates, Star Trek and the Sydney Opera House!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
I hope your weekend was grand! Mine was pleasantly busy! I was preparing for the Healing Gallery Open House, among other things! 
I've a few vignettes for you today, so let's get started! 
This is looks like something you'd expect to see....on Star Trek Music, of course! Details and credits are here
I've no idea which song this is actually attached to, but it is quite amusing! 
 Next up! 
Real life Lego Pirates! 
Details and credits are here

And let's close with video of the Sydney Opera House awash with colour! Click here for the video and details! Isn't that gorgeous? 
I've an exciting event coming up this weekend!
Announcing a new event and creative home in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area (MN, USA)! 
Healing Gallery Open House 
Saturday, June 8th 
from 1 to 7pm 
Sunday from 1pm to 5pm 
Details and address are here
I'll be there Saturday only, yet I encourage you to stop by whenever you can that weekend! 
It is a beautiful space and the art is absolutely gorgeous! Marian is a very talented artist and healer! 
*Edited with an update*
I and my Sprite Creations will be available at the Healing Gallery through this weekend only.
My Sprite Services will continue to be offered at locations that best suit each person and situation, and by appointment at BellaLuna Boutique, rather than at the Healing Gallery.
Thank you!
*Now back to the blog as it was*

There is much more to come as my behind-the-scenes 'work' continues, so stay tuned! 
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I'll see you Wednesday! 

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