Friday, June 14, 2013

Fini Friday! Re-Discovering!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
These are the posts that showcase completed creations or projects that have been languishing for a while.
There are often bits and bobs of natter about studio space interspersed as well. This particular Fini Friday post is about rediscovering and reclaiming my studio space!
First, a photo of a BARE FLOOR!!!!
This may look like a perfectly ordinary f loor, but don't let looks deceive you!  This floor hasn't been this clutter-free in...well.. too long!  I intended to do a little "Spring Cleaning" as well as some de-cluttering and organizing closer to Springtime.  \As with many things in life, Other Things Happened(tm) and this took much longer than planned.
On the upside, though, I now have a BARE FLOOR!

Onward to the Work Table!
This is the left side of my work table, complete with all sorts of materials, beads and etc. from completed creations, creations still growing and whatnot.
You can see the sweet little Rose Fairy peeking out from behind all of this, on the far left!
She was a gift to me some years ago and I love having her in my creative space as inspiration!
I'm often successful about putting away my materials after creations are done, yet these last few months have really thrown a wrench in that good habit.
Ah well!
Here is the ever-so-lovely and soothing After photo of the same space!
Now you can clearly see that quiet little Fairy! Did you spy that stained glass Fairy Lamp, too? She was also a gift to me (I sense a theme here....*grin*) as well!  I love the magical aire she adds to my studio!
I adore having a few unusual, well-chosen bits of art in my work space!  You can also see some of the view out my windows - ah Green Space!

Let's wrap this up with a look at the right side of that work table (after rediscovery and reclaiming, of course!).
You may notice a creation that is in the middle of growing in the center of the table!  My table has such a dark colour, I often use a bit of light-coloured fabric helps me see hues and materials better!
And look at those pliers, all lined up and ready to use!
The cat-shaped light you see in the background is another one of those whimsical things kept in the studio for my amusement!  I often light it up in the non-Halloween Season, too! 

My next event is next Tuesday, June 18!
It is the BlogTalk Radio Interview revealing the Faeries' Message for the month of June!!
Hosted by Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom, you'll find us chatting at 12Noon (CST,USA).

Also!  I've a fun thing happening next Friday, June 21st from 5-9pm! 
I'll have details for you shortly!
Stay tuned!!!!
I hope you can join us for these!!
See you Monday!

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