Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Always in Motion the Future Is....

To quote the indelible Yoda.
And my world is definitely in motion!
Yesterday saw me around the Minnepolis and Saint Paul Metro area researching opportunities with Art Galleries and Sprite Services opportunities with coffee shops. The travel was excellent all around and back home, which was a relief. I was uncertain about the forecast of snow and how that would effect the ice already on the road from all the recent thawing.
No worries though!

I am pleased to announce that I have regular Sprite Services gigs at The Edge coffee house (formerly Artist Grind) at University and Raymond Avenues just over the border in Saint Paul every Wednesday evening! Stop on by if you're in the area!
I'll be happy to introduce you to the owner and I've already "tested" some of the yummy treats there for you. Just so you know, they are quite safe to eat and quite nummy. Just another one of those things I do for you-all!! *grin*
I'll try to get a picture of the AMAZING old clock in there and that is the inspiration for the graphics on the awning.

I'm researching future jewelry and adornment opportunities in that as well as other areas and I'll let you know what happens next with that!

I'll leave you with two newer creations. These earrings are: Color in Motion and are really how I feel about now!
I wanted each of these recycled orbs to move on their own, both horizontally and vertically. They are a bit fragile as I used finer gauge wire because I wanted the attention to focus on those fascinating orbs.

The second creation is an earcuff in goldplate. It is titled Winter Wealth. The sparkle in the star didn't photograph as well as I'd like, but I'm sure you can see the idea. I love the warm gold color that we all associate with wealth tying together the deeper, colder colors of this season. The wealth of winter, as I see it, is the warmth of good food and company, the crystal brillance of the snow and ice and the contrasting rich colors of cobalt and navy blues of the winter night.

I included this creation in today's post because I was blessed, as I traveled through my day yesterday, with much warmth and kindness. Many of the folks I spoke with gave me their sincere advice and pointed me in directions they thought might be best for my arts. This is deeply appreciated as I and my creations step out more and more into the world.
My hope is that the same may be said of your days!

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