Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop-Tuesday!

Hello Again! Thanks for stopping by!
Today I have a few more Popcap Pendants to show you as well as a few Ice Resin cabachons I cast from molds.

These two Popcap Pendants are a perfect contrast of simple and dramatic versus lush and complex.
I used star-shaped sequins on the bare metal inside of the popcap. I like the simple and spare look of the clear resin, and grey background. It pops the shiny red and gold colors of the stars that much more.

I created this second one with the picture of an ocean shoreline in mind. I scattered the sand-colored seed beads along the bottom, with the blue glitter for the ocean at the top, and nestled a chip of mother-of-pearl and a Czech glass shell on either side of a flip-flop sandal.

The two cabachons were made by pouring the clear resin into the molds, inserting and arranging the old watch parts as needed. I wanted to create focals or centerpieces that mimic the shape of jewels used in Victorian or traditional jewelry. I cast these with an eye towards using them in Steampunk creations and I love the unexpected details that the resin gave to the pieces! In particular, I'm drawn to the bubbles and how and where they formed. There is a half-moon bubble that formed along the spring-coil of the old watch gear in the left-hand cabachon as well as a few small bubbles here and there that have become part of the design.

And now I'm off to pour more Ice Resin creations! Stop back by tomorrow to see what grew to life!
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  1. Fabulous cabachons. I'm finding this hop so inspiring. Thank you.

  2. Tami, Thank you so much!! Good!! That is exactly what I think we are all hoping, is to spread the inspiration! Happy Creating!!