Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop-Wednesday!

We've reached mid-week on this hop! I hope you've been enjoying this and all the other innovative and interesting blogs so far!

All the shinies I have to show you today use the Ice Resin as both glue and as a cabachon agent. I played with textures and just wanted to see what the Ice Resin would bring to the mix. So here we go!

This is an old button that had deep recesses in the pattern. I wanted to see if the resin would produce a cabochon effect and I wanted to give it a little more life, so I liberally sprinkled green glitter into the dark hollows and then poured in the resin. I'm not certain if the photo shows it, but the resin beautifully filled in those voids.

This next pendant is made from fishing lures!! I had a few laying around from a manufacturing plant here in town that makes these and ships them all over the world! I know most of the folks that created these, so that is a special goodness to me!
Ok, so I layered the two different size and tones of fishing lures on top of each other and then carefully placed the old watch parts into the hammered divets in the metal. Some of the old watch parts are still magnetized, so this was especially tricky at times!! As a last bit of fun, there was a synthetic garnet watch jewel that I found solo, so I placed that at the bottom of the decorations. It was a bit of a trick placing the resin so it would not disturb the watch bits, but I succeeded!! You can see that the resin flowed around the back and ended up completely encasing the entire pendant, adding another visual layer. I might try to keep this effect, if I can!

And the final shiny I have to show you today is a simple and utterly charms me! I think a bit of the romance from Valentine's Day is still with me!!! I thought of this idea in connection with a bigger creation I'm hoping to create and show you late this week. I used the resin again to both secure the two fish beads on a glass pendant and as a cabbing agent over the entire creation. I hope you love them just as much as I do!
So, here they are....... The Kissy Fish!!

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  1. Oh, the button idea is GREAT. I have lots of old buttons and may try your technique, too!!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Karen Burns: Thanks!! Absolutely!! You'll have to show me what you create!!!!