Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day! And an update about next week...

I met a lot of new folks at the Ladies Winter Getaway in Minneapolis and have come home with a commission! Thanks to all who stopped by!
There is so much to update you-all with before the start of the new week!that this post is a bit photo-heavy!

On the Road: Supercon:
I attended Supercon (a relaxacon in Hastings, MN) with my beloved last weekend. As is my tradition, I entered jewelry in the charitable Art Auction. The only requirement is that the art be made at the Con. This year, however, I used beads that were gifted with the stipulation that they go to a good home for the Auction. It seems proper to donate gifted materials to charity.. keep the giving going, as it were!
So, here are some of the goodies that I came home with from Supercon:

Earrings: 5 Pairs in all. Titles from top left to bottom right:
Wishes and Bottles, Pink and Fierce, Galactic Seashells, Mining Planets and Infinite Spirals (MANY THANKS to for the title help on Wishes and Bottles and Mining Planets!)

A Pendant of Moonstone and Tiger Eye Wolf or Coyote. Title is: Singing the Moon

The Clasps: Have arrived!!! Here is some of the Shiny Goodness I get to play with!

Next Week:
I'm excited to say that I'm to be part of the Ice Resin Blog Hop (courtesy of Objects and starting Monday and continuing through to Friday! I'll be posting photos and tidbits about the new creations I'm using Ice Resin with, as well as links to the other lovely artists who are playing with this medium as well! Stop on by and see what we're up to!

And with that, I'll leave with wishes for a Valentines Day filled with Love and Beauty!

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