Friday, February 19, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop-Eages, Superheros and Kissy-Fish!

So, here we are, at that last post of the Hop. This has been a lot of fun for me and I hope for you-all as well! I'll be continuing to play with the resin in the future. Really, how could I not?!

In wrapping up the week, I wanted to show you a few more of the old buttons created with the cabochon technique seen earlier in the week and a proof-of-concept I'm playing with!

I was digging through my collection of old buttons and spied these plain brass ones just crying out to be fancied up!! I spotted those red star-shaped sequins and voila! I had a blast embellishing these two buttons as they instantly called to mind images of Wonder Woman's earrings and costume!

The second button is stamped brass with a noble eagle holding an anchor in it's talons. This is pretty awesome in and of itself, so I merely accented the scene with some bold red glitter here and there. The glitter lends a bit of different texture to the tableau as well as a little pop of color.

I am excited to present this last pendant to you! The idea is to create a pendant with the resin that uses an intrinsic part of the piece as the structure by which to suspend it from a cord or chain. In this case, I chose a Vintaj starfish charm. I created the base from polymer clay, added the seed beads, textured it a bit and baked it. The star and kissy-fish were added and the resin poured. The visual concept was a mini-diorama of the ocean. The starfish nestled in the light-colored sand of the shore, washing in with the tide...the kissy-fish playing farther below the waves in our ocean and the dark ocean floor at the bottom of our vignette. I'm pleased with this first prototype and am looking forward to refining and expanding upon this!

That concludes my part in this Blog Hop! Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free drop by, pull up a chair and read this Blog again in the near future! And now, be off with you and see what other lovely posts finish up this marvelous Hop!

Molly Alexander

Ro Bhrun

Karen Burns

Keecia Frazee Deveney

Mary Jane Dodd

Melanie Earthenwood

Shea Fragoso

Kerin Gale

Vickie Hallmark

Jess Italia Lincoln

Jill Liles

Heather Powers" and"

Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Stephanie Rubiano

Lisa Sommerville

Kim Taylor

And the fine folks at Objects and Elements (Design Team) and Ice Resin's creator: Susan Lenart Kazmer!

Jen Cshman

Deryn Mentock

Kristen Robinson

Barbe Saint John

Susan Lenart Kazmer

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