Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice Resin Blog Hop-Thursday!

Hello! We're nearing the end of the hop and I hope you-all have enjoyed this adventure as much as I have!
I'm using this blog space today to show a little more of the unfinished or experimental side of things. There is more of the texture playing I've done along with a few new Popcap Pendants that need the finishing touches and a glimpse into a pendant in progress.

This first pendant is a brass stamped heart with a vintage feel to the styling. I embellished it with a vintage sequin and old watch parts, including a synthetic garnet watch jewel that echoes the vibrant color of that fabulous sequin. As you can tell, the sequin is rather cup-shaped instead of flat like many others. I'm not certain if this is due to the age of it or some other factor. There is no wiggle from the sequin or the resin, so I'm pretty certain that one coat of resin would be good enough glue and protection for this sequin and design. But I like to over-engineer my creations, so I will likely add another layer of resin to ensure the durability.

I'm pleased with how these next two Popcap Pendants came out. They don't yet have a way to "hang out" and I'm pondering the hand-drilling and jumpring method of the previous Popcap Pendants or perhaps attaching a glue-on bail on the back of these two.. something a little different....
Here they are: The first is titled: Mechanics of Nature

And the second is: A Little Bit of Home

Finishing up the post for today is a glimpse into the more 'rough draft' part of this process.
Below is a photo of a pendant I cast from a recycled oriental carved wood landscape. It turned out well enough, but it looks like the pendant became unseated in the mold between the first and second pouring and so second coat of resin pooled at the bottom of the mold, resulting in an additional half-layer of resin at the front of the piece. With this third application, I carefully poured resin on the face of it so as to fill in the remaining space and so that all is flush and as level as possible. It worked reasonably well. The top of the piece is a bit more cloudy than the newly-poured resin and there is a difference in texture when I run my finger from one portion to the other. I'll try another layer of resin over the face to smooth everything out. I'm interested to see how that will visually effect this pendant, too!

So, there is a more detailed look at Ice Resin and how it is applied!
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