Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Week Celebration - Cocoa and Musings...

Birthday Week Continued– Cocoa and Musings...
Today looks to be a day full of rain, mist and clouds and I am sipping my cup of cocoa while I type this. It may seem strange to be enjoying cocoa in June and yet it is perfect for a day such as this.
Misty-cloudy days always put me in a reflective mood and chocolate in some form is perfect for reflective moods, say I!
With that in mind, I wanted to show you a few more creations I listed in my
Etsy shop.

These earrings are “On the Path” and features a lotus flower focal accented by garnet and sterling silver.

Lotus flowers have long symbolized the path to enlightenment. They are beautiful flowers that literally grow out of muck and mud, through water and into the air and sunlight.
Legend says that garnets are thought to have protective and curative properties; curative to both body and emotional challenges.
Silver thought to help with intuitive guidance.

Bones of Time
I've had these carved wooden skulls rattling around for a while and finally inspiration struck! Somewhat in the line of the Steampunk Genre.. more like Steam Pirate...but what an interesting juxtaposition of the precision of the watch gears with the roughly-carved wood! And what would the Bones of Time look like? Why not this? After all, we only have a rough idea of our lives and what they're made of, yet the world around us has some much intricate precision to admire!

See, what did I tell you? A reflective mood indeed!

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