Monday, June 7, 2010

Shinies, Shows and News...

I have new materials!! I've pictured some of the goodies below and some of what was purchased and gathered were for creating my own materials as well as a Super Secret Project (which, of course, I can't tell you about.. yet)!
I'm excited to continue branching out into creating more of my own focals and accent beads/materials for my creations! This will give me the opportunity to match the finished creation more closely with the initial vision of it!

It is with a bit of sadness that I mention that I won't be at the Bead and Button Show for the first time in about 9 years. I will miss all the fabulous artists and vendors that have become 'show friends' to me and look forward to being there next year.
However, I still needed supplies for the upcoming slew of shows, so I took advantage of a wholesale show nearer to me and here are some of those pretties!

I'll be at Twin Cities Pride June 26th & 27th, CONvergence (in the Art Show) July 1st through the 4th and MN Shadows Faire July 10th & 11th.
I do have other shows in July and August, which are listed on my website's Event Schedule , but I think this is enough for now, don't you?

One last bit of news: As some of you may have noted, I have been hanging out and giving Faerie Readings at The Edge Coffeehouse every Wednesday since March. Given the rather busy schedule I've outlined above, I'll be taking a vacation from that arrangement to concentrate my time in the studio. Of course, I'll be available by appointment for Readings, just contact me! Or visit me at the shows!

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