Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Week Continued- Adventure Bound!

I'm posting Thursday's post a bit early as I'll be heading out early and be away from the keyboard much of the day on an adventure! I'll be out and about in Southern Minnesota. I'm looking forward to the break from creating for my next show and the literal! change of scenery!
So, here are new creations to entice you with! Of course, if you'd like to adopt them, you don't have far to travel! Just click on over to my
Etsy shop!

Universal Wisdom
A dainty yet sturdy filigree star suspended and interwined with branches woven together (or have they grown that way?) in a circle.
Is this a reminder of the wisdom of Nature that surrounds us? An ancient amulet gift? It could be either of these or whatever strikes your fancy!
Lovely, hand-finished brass filigree and jumprings, made with eco-friendly processes in the USA.

Adventure Bound
The compass rose has been a symbol of reference and adventure since mankind first drew up maps. This handsome token of adventure features a Raku-fired ceramic compass rose strung on brown leather lacing, finished with hand-finished brass ends (made with eco-friendly processes in USA), jumprings and clasps.

Navigate on over to my Etsy shop for more details on the Raku firing process and I'll see you on Friday with the wrap-up to my birthday week celebration!

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