Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Secret Projects and Signing Off For a Bit...

I'll be working on a few Creations to be at CONvergence, but most of the next few days will be in personal preparations for the convention. I've so much to do, but I wanted to share a few things before I sign off for my "working" vacation (and returning to the Interwebs next week)!
My friend Todd Murry has been building a Predator (remember that Predator movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger? or Aliens Vs. Predator?) costume for months now and I was so pleased when he asked me to assist him in the project. It has been absolutely AMAZING to see how this costume has come together!!! He needed Predator Dreadlock beads and commissioned me!!
They were a lot of fun to create and because of the hand-made (hand-texturing and 'carving') nature of each bead, I was pleased to be able offer Todd something truly unique. I think they turned out quite well!
Below are photos with a good view of one of both the movie Predator's Dreadlocks

Todd's Predator mask with Dreds!

And, to wrap this all up, here is where you can see me or my Creations at CONvergence :
Art Show (Thursday through Sunday)
Artist Alley (Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 2pm)
and Hither and Yon!

If we don't have a chance to visit during CONvergence, don't forget the upcoming Shadows Faire , which is the very next weekend!
Come on down and visit myself and the many other fabulous vendors there! There will be all sorts of Intuitives, Alternative Health Practitioners, Hand-crafted oils and candles, and much, much more!
I hope to see you soon!!!
Have a Fabulous Independence Holiday Weekend!!!!

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