Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Week Continued- Explosions!

I mentioned last Friday, I've decided to take a good friend's advice and celebrate my birthday for an entire week! So, I'll be listing new creations in my Etsy shop every day of this week (until Friday)!
I took some time away from the computer this weekend to celebrate and to see the new A-Team movie! I wanted to see the good 'old-fashioned' cartoony-ness that brushes slightly by reality that the A-Team TV show was (Anyone else remember that?). Also, I wanted to see some explosions and destruction!!!
I give the A-Team movie two wings up (get it? Sprite Creations...Sprites..Fairies...Wings?) for this. I asked nothing more than to be entertained and have some continuity with the original show and it delivered with gusto! So, in honor of explosions and destruction, I've listed a few fire-y items in my Etsy shop today... click on over and take a gander!

Fiery Hearts

Drops of Fire

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