Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Week Continued- Glimpses...

At this moment, it is not raining!!! In fact, there are glimpses of the sun between the clouds!
This reminded me of glimpses we see of our lives and others. These 'snapshots' have always been doorways into different perspectives for me and I love to peek into each person's world to see what can be found!
The creations pictured below illustrate this and you are welcome to click on over to my
Etsy to see them in more detail!

A Glimpse in the Forest
As we walk softly through the Great Forest, we part the leaves to see our way more clearly. And suddenly, our attention is drawing to a serene face, we can just barely see in and amongst the leaves. Is it an elf? A fairy? A ? After standing transfixed for a moment (or more), we move quietly on.. so as not to disturb it's slumber, carrying home with us the gift of this rare glimpse in the forest.

Greeting the Dawn
With materials hailing from exotic lands such as Africa and Thailand, this is intended to be evoke the sense of an ancient prayer. In most aboriginal cultures, the dawn was worshipped as a (usually feminine) deity and was considered a time of new life, possibility and awakening. The image of this necklace is pan-aboriginal and the intent is of a timeless prayer for the concepts mentioned above.

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