Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amidst the Buzz and Whirl...

Of preparing for the upcoming Deerwood Days in Deerwood, MN, I've finished several pairs of earrings, a few necklaces, rings and likely a mixed-media creation to show!
Deerwood Days actually starts tomorrow! at 9am!! Figuring in travel and set-up time...I'll have everything ready tonight so we can merely pull out at O-Dark-Hundred tomorrow morning. Not a fan of that, BUT! the fair aspect of the show closes at 5pm tomorrow and runs from 9am!!! again on Saturday and ending at 4pm. The shorter evening closing time will be quite welcome!

I wanted to show you a few photos of what I've been up to before I disappear into last minute preparations!

First, a general photograph of most of my recent new creations:

In the midst of all of this, I didn't resist playing with my new shinies from Rings-N-Things!* I'm looking forward to more time to play with these next week, but I took some time and played with some of the brass charms!
Voila!! Earrings!
Title: A Charming Halloween

While I found these charms quite detailed, I wanted to add some color and "punch" to the monochromatic palette they presented. That's when I was inspired to use the colored jumprings. I wanted these earrings to be whimsical and fun and to still center the attention on those cute charms, so I used three colors of the jumprings, but kept the hanging of the charms to a simple, single dangle.
I *love* them and hope they charm you, too!
Stay tuned next week for more Boo-goodness!

*The charms were provided free of charge through Rings-N-Things Blog Partner Program.

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