Friday, August 20, 2010

More Spooky Goodness!

I've made steady progress this week on a number of fronts, yet I find it is Friday afternoon and I feel like I haven't done enough this week! I think it is because plans have changed so much from Monday to today and in the midst of adapting, I feel like not much was done. But enough of that!
I have Creations to show you!!

This first creation is not so much spooky as cool, modern and a bit industrial and a bit steampunk. I created the pendant from fishing lures, old watch parts and ICE resin. I love using "unconventional" materials in creating jewelry. Did you see the little synthetic garnet in the lower right hand "corner"? I *love* little details like that! I've paired the pendant with an unusual chain and gunmetal clasp to match the darker nickel lure in the pendant.
Without further ado, here is Chronos:

And now, the Sppoooooky part of the post!!! In a previous episode of "What is the Sprite Up to Now?", we found our Sprite twirling around with delight at the spooky wonders she received from RingsNThings Blog Partner Program. Now, let us see what she has done with the Coffin Picture Frame!


Since this was so clearly a coffin-shaped picture frame, I wanted an image and a feel that was spooky, elegant and preferably majestic. One character stood out from all the others to to fill that criteria...Dracula, of course! And only one actor could possibly honor all of those ideals...Bela Lugosi!!!! And so it is! An iconic image of inimitable Mr. Lugosi as the famed Dracula in our coffin!

The Nitty-Gritty:
The picture needed scaled and futzed-with for proper print and image quality. Once printed, I took a few moments with an art pencil and eraser and set about highlighting (or rather darkening) details in this image (since it was suggested that the glass might wash out some of the fabulous details of the now-minute image).

This frame is meant to sandwich the paper (or fabric) art between two panes of glass, but the over-engineering part of me was a bit concerned about a single sheet of paper slipping out between the framed panes. I cut out two of the same images and affixed them back to back so the paper art would be thicker and less likely to slip out accidentally(this also gave me double the spooky goodness!). I then carefully glued the back image to the back glass pane.
Thankfully, the advertisement of the glue drying clear is true, so none of the image was harmed in the glueing of it to the glass!

And there you have it! Grand Spooky Goodness!
I have yet more boo-tiful plans for the remaining haunting baubles, so stop back by to see what's brewing!

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