Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Peek into a Designer's Brain...

I'm not sure whether offering a peek into my Designing Mind is a plus, but I do know it will be a learning opportunity for us all, so here we go!

First, I'll show you some of the Shinies I received in the mail early this week! It is a collection of charms and clasps from another designer, who fulfilled the specifications of Steam-goth-tastic, mischievous, spritely collection of charms and so forth perfectly as well as a nice selection of interesting clasps.

Do you see the old biplanes peeking out? And the single hot air balloon climbing through the collection? And the wrenches!! A double-headed ax, bicycles, keys and rollerskates, oh my!!
Very fun!

And now, the designing part!
The photo posted below is one of the many designing decisions I make daily.

The witches are courtesy of Rings-N-Things Blog Partner program.
And what is a witch without her cat????
The basic design is the same for both choices... the cat is to dangle at about the height shown and so as to nestle just under the witches hat (as much as physically possible, of course! Bending space and time is generally frowned upon in jewelery design..... unless a person could patent that....... but I digress!! *grin*)
So, the choices are thus:
Left: The witch with the brass cat stamped charm dangling at about that height. This is the lighter of the two designs. Weight, especially in regards to earrings, is one of the many design variables to consider. This cat, being smaller, will likely appear to tuck under the hat a bit better, too.

Right: Follows the Black Cat legend that matches ebony feline with the earthy feminine. Cliche or deeply meaningful; that's for the wearer to decide!
This will be the weightier of the two designs, but follows the classic stereotype mentioned above so gains a few points for whimsy!

The finished pair of earrings will sport the design elected by the majority of responses!

And now, to help motivate you to use your keyboard and reply, these finished earrings will be awarded to a winner chosen in a random drawing from those with the majority design choice!

I'm "all ears" waiting for your design feedback! (See the pun? Cat, ears.... MMmmwwwhahaha!)

Nuts & Bolts:
Responses will be accepted until 8pm CST Sunday, August 29, 2010, with the results announced Monday, August 30th.
The winner will be notified and shipping arrangements will be made privately via email.

*NOTE: Sprite Creations is not currently set-up to ship outside the contiguous 48 United States. Unfortunately, if you are outside of these parameters, we won't be able to send these earrings to you. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our readers.*
I reserve the right to select another winner or modify the rules if necessary.

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