Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forward Motion and Unloading...

Home again and unloaded from Deerwood Days. The show was odd in many ways.
Onward! A garage sale and preparations for it are afoot in my household. This dove-tails nicely with my mood and preparations for a very informal show this Saturday. My niece Hannah has her own jewelry business, Cosmic Creations, and she offered me booth space with her at Wahkon Days. This is a lark of a show, about 7 miles away from us, and I always enjoy her company!
I'm taking this chance as I sort through what I'll be taking to Wahkon Days this Saturday to look through my show traveling totes and containers and weeding out what I've not used yet!
This also coincides with light sorting as I look through my belongings for anything I'd like to put on the sale. This is a refreshing change!

In the meantime, I've spent some time creating this week, as well as other studio work. I'll show you some of that later this week!
I wanted to show you a necklace I created from big vintage lucite links, anodized aluminum jumprings, a ceramic unicorn, a few bits of glass, chain and a fairy clasp.

I originally purchased the lucite links with not a clue as to how I would use them, except that I would. And I purchased the unicorn to go with, not knowing how it would all fall together.
Voila! Here it is:
Rainbow Magic

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