Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shinies in the Mail!!

I am so excited to share this with you-all!!
I was notified last week that Sprite Creations was one of winners of the monthly drawing to be a Rings N Things Blog Partner!!! This means I receive free shinies via the mail to play with!!! WOOHOO!!!
SO!! Here is a photo of the loot fresh out of the box (or still in the box...rather!)

As you can see, there is a definite Halloween/Day of the Dead/Harvest theme here.
I see twoooo owls, two witches, multiple cats, pumpkins, skulls of all sorts, a coffin picture frame, candy corn, gravestones and ghosties, oh my!

I have to tell you-all, I Love, LOve, LOVE those little owls!!!! Ideas sprang forth as soon as I saw them!! AND I have something in mind for that coffin picture frame!!!! *MMMMWWWAAHAHAHAHA!!*
(Hey, It's a Halloween theme, the PERFECT time for an Evil Laugh!)

So!!! I'll keep you posted as each creation that include these materials grows into completion and together we'll spread the creativity love!

If you'd like to check into this program, click here!

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