Friday, February 11, 2011

Fini Friday!

I'm pleased to show you two pairs of earrings today that have been languishing on the sidelines for a few years now. The first was merely waiting for the design to coalesce. The second required technical expertise and confidence that I did not yet have when they started growing.

Bunnies Moonlight Dance
Ingredients: Turquoise bunnies, moonstone, Bali & sterling silver.

I saw these fabulously vibrant fans of vintage lucite at a bead store some years ago and knew I had to have them to play with! They are beautiful and when I saw the earring finding cast of sterling silver, I knew I'd found their match! Unfortunately, the side-drilled holes of the lucite beads posed a problem in terms of hanging so that the fans dangled the proper direction once the earrings were hung in the ear. I played around until I devised a novel way to hang them, however, by the time I'd discovered my particular technique, I was out of both confidence and patience and became very discouraged. And thus, they sat. Here they are, finished and boldy elegant at last!

Lady in Red
Ingredients: Vintage lucite, Sterling silver

Don't forget to stop by and see me and these new creations at the Abundant Heart (And Chocolate!) Mini-Symposium this Saturday in Minneapolis, MN, USA!
I'm so excited that I'll be giving a presentation as well!!!

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