Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shinies and Loot!

I'm back from my mini-vacation to Hastings and Supercon!
We made good use of the hot tub, snacky-things, fabulous company and general relaxation that is Supercon! YAY!!!
And! Of course I created Shinies and came home with loot!!!
First, the loot!
I picked up a bit of steampunk bits and parts, intriguing pendants, fun charms, cats and pith helmets, just to name a little of what you'll see below!

I was pleased to renew my tradition of donating Creations to the Art Auction at Supercon. This is a fun challenge for me as the Auction rules state that all art needs to be made at the Con.
I managed to finagle a few photos of the 4 pair of earring creations I submitted and here they are!

Stay tuned to see what I do with the lovely loot you see above!

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