Friday, February 25, 2011

Fini Friday!

This Fini Friday format is going to be a little different! I'm going to walk you through my creative process starting with the strands of shell and stone and ending with the necklace and bracelet that grew out of those with the addition and help of other materials!

Here is where I started...

I saw these two strands laying side by side at a wholesale show and they reminded me of the Ocean... how the water looks with sediment settling out and through it.. the waves uncovering and sometimes whisking away treasures... the brilliance and warmth of the sun sparking off the waves and rocks...
I knew they had to come home and grow into something(s) Very Grand!
My initial vision was of a multi-strand bracelet, full of wonderfully subtle stone, mother of pearl, shell and all things ocean, sparkling with sterling silver...
But Inspiration and the beads had other plans!
What grew forth were a necklace and beautifully simple single-strand bracelet.

The necklace features a hand-made painted clay focal bead suspended by a link from a necklace chain. The clay bead was very thick, with a hole that was lower than many beads and so called for some ingenuity in suspension! I like how the fatigued gunmetal finish lends itself to the ancient, time-worn look of this creation!

Title: Ocean Fossil
Ingredients: Hand-made painted clay, impression stone, mother of pearl, lead-free pewter, metal, stainless steel cable.

The bracelet kept more closely to the original inspiration, with the sterling silver clasp as well as sterling and Bali silver accents, shell focal and glass beads imitating spiral shells. However, I found that as I finished this strand and moved forward to string the next, I was captivated by the simple yet stunning beauty of this single strand. It seemed strangely complete by itself. So I let it go as you see below...

Title: Memories of the Ocean
Ingredients: Impression stone, shell, glass, sterling and Bali silver, stainless steel cable.

So, I ask... are these a person's memory of the Ocean or the memories of the Ocean? Like all excellent art, it is up to the beholder to decide!

To bring this entry back full circle, I've a photo to show you of both creations, finished, together...

FYI: If you would like to find some of those gorgeous Mother of Pearl tube beads, you can find them here at Rings & Things!
Alas! The strand of corner-drilled cube beads are called "Impression Stone" (which is likely some sort of jasper) and it looks like there is no more to be had!

I hope this weekend is full of warmth and rich memories for you and yours. If you are near an beach or ocean, think of me!!!

P.S. I did not receive any immediate compensation or free goodies from Rings & Things for the above mention and link, however I am hoping to be entered into one of their contests (and winning!) for posting this information!

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