Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

I have a little bit of an experiment and a pair of earrings to show you today!

I ordered little lead-free pebbles (USA) with shapes cast in the surface, some of which are perfect for glueing in flat-backed crystals or rhinestones! Though technically quite simple, I'd not done this before and I'm pleased with the results!

I used Swarovski crystal rhinestones in "Sun" and "Volcano" colours. I love the "Volcano" colour because it flashes from violet to warm topaz with stops at garnet red and a rich magenta in-between! It is an interesting take on using a traditional 'floral' colour for the middle of the flower in the "Grow" pebble.
I am very happy with the wonderfully warm and vibrant "Sun" crystal as it shines out from the middle of the hand on the "Play" pebble... Did you see what I did? PLAYing in the SUN? Hee hee!!

I think it is safe to say that with the recent warm spell, Spring is on everyone's mind.. including mine!!!
I love the lightness of the beautiful yellow butterfly, the beautiful pastel pink and contrast of green and blue to give vibrant spots of colour to the wonderfully detailed bunny (It even has a tail!!!) Blue matched the butterfly because, of course, butterflies are found fluttering in the sky and green paired with the bunny as bunnies hop along through the grass.

Title: Dance of Spring
Ingredients: Swarovski crystal butterflies, faceted and Czech glass, lead-free pewter (USA), sterling silver.

Here's hoping your day was as full of colour and life as mine!

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