Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Just a quick Whimsy Wednesday entry before I run off to celebrate a birthday!! This Wednesday just abounds with whimsy!

I've two creations to show you today, both with butterflies and one with those fabulous pith helmet charms making an appearance!

The first is a bottle I filled with beads, glitter, a turquoise carved bunny, a Swarovski crystal butterfly, and a few soft lavender flowers! There are two colors of glitter. The first is a white crystal mix, representing a last little bit of Winter and the second is a vibrant Spring Green, representing the new little flowers and plants that spring up everywhere during...well.. Spring! Which brings us to the title and theme of this bottle...
Spring in a Bottle!
I found these bottles online at Rings&Things and knew I had to have them and play with filling them up!
You can find them here .

And here it is:

The second creation is a pair of earrings with butterflies, tigers and pith helmets, oh my!
The link that all beads and the charm are suspended from is from a vintage necklace I took apart. Aren't they wonderful? Pairing the pith helmet with tigers just seemed natural.. since one would wear a pith helmet in tiger territory. That the tiger is purple is unusual and purple has been associated with royalty and spirituality for eons. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, due to obvious reasons and so the title just naturally fell into place.
Spirit of Adventure

If you love those butterflies as much as I did, you can find them via Rings&Things here !

And now, to the celebration!

P.S. I did not receive any immediate compensation or free goodies from Rings & Things for the above mentions and links, however I am hoping to be entered into one of their contests (and winning!) for posting this information!

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