Monday, July 25, 2011

Fini Friday - On Monday!

Hello All!!
Yes, this is a bit later than I anticipated...this day and the weekend have gotten away from me!!!
No matter! Let's get right to the good stuff!!!
I have a Custom Creation (commission) that is very special to show you today. The stone that you are about to see in the photo below is a mineral named Staurolite, also know as a Fairy Cross. This particular specimen was hand-picked in Central Minnesota by my Mother-in-law for her Granddaughter, also my niece. She asked me to wire-wrap the stone and mount it on the chain she obtained. Needless to say, this is a special piece.

Title: To Infinity and Beyond
Ingredients: Staurolite, Brass
Here is the front..

and the back...

Working with the brass wire was a bit cumbersome as the metal is stiff and heavier to work with..however the balance to that is that it is quite durable as well!

Tibits about staurolite or fairy crosses that you may not know...
The most valued staurolite specimens are very much what you see here.. the crystals in the mineral have grown at perfect 90 degree angles! These are also rare to find. Staurolite, when cut and polished for fine jewelry use displays a deep red very similar to garnet.
Fairy crosses were said to aid travelers with good luck, good fortune and safe adventures along their journeys.
So! There you have it!!
Fini Friday on a Monday!
See you Wednesday!

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