Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!
I am back from my vacation/holiday and I have some awesome whimsical goodies to show you today!! Some of you may have seen these in the CONvergence Art Show, but this is the first time I'm showing them to you on the world-wide Internets!

The focals and ideas for both of these center around 4 GB Flash drives!! Yup! That's right!!! Flash drives.. for storing files and enabling those files to travel from computer to computer! Heh!! Can you see the whimsy already??! If not, read on!!

The first creation I have to show you is a 4 GB Flash Drive in the shape of a key!!! When I saw that, I knew I had to steampunk it up!!! I sealed in old watch gears and an old watch hand with hand-coloured resin (non-toxic, jeweler's grade) on one side of the flash drive. I was so pleased that the resin formed a uniform border well short of the port portion of the flash drive (the part that plugs into the computer)!

A lovely, lovely focal!!!
I knew I wanted an interesting yet simple design for the creation, so that the attention remained on that fabulous pendant! In looking around the studio, I found this intriguing yet simple copper-plated chain...

In keeping with the mixed-metals theme, I suspended the flash drive from repurposed brass-finished rings.
And last, but certainly not least was the clasp. I wanted to use the most secure clasp style available for this creation and so you'll see a gunmetal lobster claw clasped securely around a golden-toned lock charm!

Isn't that just fun!?
So, there you have it, chock full of whimsy!!!
And I'm changing the schedule of this post a little. I'll leave this post here for now and show you the second flash drive on Fini Friday!! Both of these creations were the result of much work and upon further reflection, I think they deserve to have the spot light all to their respective selves!!

By the way.. you can find both of them listed in My Etsy Shop !

See you Friday!!!

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