Friday, July 8, 2011

Fini Friday!!

Hello Again and Thanks for checking back here with me on this lovely Friday afternoon!!!

I have that second USB Flash Drive cued up and ready to show you, as promised!!

The Flash drive is cast metal in the shape of a coin and is a 4 GB LaCie CurrenKey drive.
You simply twist the "coin" to extend and retract the port (the part that fits into your computer).

This creation is all about the warm tones of brass and copper, sturdy yet delicate and most of all - whimsical!!!

Here is the idea...growing into completion..

And here it is... all grown up!

Title: Flashy Currency
Ingredients: 4GB LaCie CurrenKey flash drive, hand-finished, eco-friendly brass and brass filigree (hand-formed into a pouch), repurposed lobster claw clasp, brass-finish winding key charm.

With the Coin Drive outside the pouch...

And finally.. with the Coin Drive Port extended....

Don't you just love that winding key as a clasp?? I do!!
So, Thanks for starting your weekend with a little bit of a giggle and have fun!
P.S. If this creation is perfect for you or someone you know, click here to see it in my Etsy shop!

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