Friday, July 29, 2011

Fini Friday!

Hello Everyone!
Here we are at Friday on this sunny day! I am preparing for the JS Bean Factory 10th Annivesary Celebration tomorrow and Artist Market on Sunday!
In a slight change of the idea of Fini Friday, I'm going to finish up showing you the rest of the current Flash Drive collection! These, as all my other USB Flash drives are 4GB and are chock-full of Pirat-ey goodness! Yaaaarr!!!

Title:21st Century Loot
Ingredients: 4GB USB Flash Drive, Silver coin, hand-finished eco-friendly brass(USA), bone, lead-free pewter(USA), metal.

The little skull charm is actually the holder-thingy for the cap of the USB drive, which is ensconced in durable rubber... because pirates are notoriously hard on their stuff! I wanted these to have the feel of an accoutrement that a buccaneer might actually hang around their neck, which is why I chose the big, luscious chain and hung treasures galore off of it!! It is replete with an old coin, carved bone and swords, treasure, keys and a ship! The necklace is long enough to lift over the head as needed in an emergency! Not that pirates EVERY get entangled in emergencies.....

Title: A Pirate's Treasure
Ingredients: 4GB USB Flash Drive, silver coin, cultured pearl star, hand-finished eco-friendly brass(USA), bone, lead-free pewter(USA), metal.

This necklace has many of the same treasures and one important difference.. for where would a sailor be without their guiding star? And a pearl, no less!! A rare and beautiful thing!

There ye have it mateys!!! Fini Friday all rigged up and ready to sail!
May this weekend be filled with good mates, tasty vittles and drink and grand adventures!

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