Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!
I have loot to show you today! I procured these materials and components during CONvergence, which was the first week in July.
The first photo is of two spinny latches and two elegantly decorated rings. The spinny latches are normally designed to use with fabric, but I foresee using them as clasps somehow!

And the big rings? I'm not sure yet.. maybe paint with resin.. maybe texture with something else.... we'll see!!!

The second photo is of a batch of grandfather clock gears, cogs and assemblies.

At the top, you can see an entire cable and pulley assembly (Isn't that fabulous!?) and along the sides you'll notice a gear (with sprocket!) assembly on the right and a chime assembly on the left. I believe that the chime assembly would create the music that you'd hear as the grandfather clock struck the hour. The rest are assorted gears, nifty things and chain!

I love seeing the internal workings of clocks and machinery and am looking forward to using these in my designs soon!

If anyone is asking how this is whimsical.. it would be the fact that I get to play with such useful and utilitarian parts intended for something completely different and use them to create fabulous jewelry and Sprite Creations!!

See you Friday!!!

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