Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!

Whew!! and here we are at Whimsy Wednesday and at the beginning of the post where I tell you-all that I so very much appreciate a working air conditioner!!! Though the temperature is lower today, the humidity is nearly as high as the temps, I believe!!

The two necklace creations that I have to show you today are very summery and eco-friendly!!
They are eco-friendly as they are repurposed necklaces that I've embellished and transformed!
I used the same hand-coloured resin for both creations and hand-painted it on the pieces.
I'm not certain if the beautiful sparkly blue colour is satisfactorily visible in the photographs...the resin is a bit challenging to photograph!

Title:Summer's Crowning Beauty
Ingredients: Repurposed metal and glass necklace, hand-coloured non-toxic resin

This second creation has a bit more elaborate enrichment to it.
Title: Faerie Leaves
Ingredients: Swarovski crystals, glue, hand-coloured non-toxic resin, repurposed metal necklace.

The brilliant spots of colour you see on nearly every leaf is a Swarovski crystal in a shade that changes colours depending on how the light plays on it!!! I've glued every crystal on nearly every leaf and then securely sealed them in under that lovely coloured resin!

And for those who don't see the whimsy in these creations... it is in the transforming of what some would call unwanted or worthless into creations of beauty (and the colour-changing crystals!!! WHEE!!!)

I'll look to see you on Friday!!!!
P.S. Please join me this Saturday, July 23rd at Rec Fest 2011 from noon to 9pm in Milaca, MN (if you're in the area)! There will be food, fun, sky-diving, art, live music (including bluegrass) and more!


  1. These are so lovely and indeed fairy like! Nice I like!