Friday, August 12, 2011

Fini Friday! KEYS!!

I'm going to switch up this week's Fini Friday and show you the beginning of a creation process for me! Then you can walk along with me as we see this through to a complete Creation! Let's start with keys, shall we?
I love keys! Much like a few other artists I know, keys are mysterious, fascinating things to me. I always wonder what they unlock, where they came from and what treasures they guarded!
So, I have a ring of several keys that were given to me by a good friend after her father's recent passing (the keys were his).

I was so excited and honored to receive all of these nifty keys!! There are so many intriguing kinds!
However, I'd like to do more with them than simply use them as pendants... so! I'm going to attempt to make molds from the keys and then make my own!

This is the part where we will walk together through the creative process... I'll post and show you how the mold-making progresses. I've not tried mold-making before so this should be interesting and we'll learn a lot!
So!! With that adventure in mind, have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you next week!!

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