Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday!!! All About Art PerChance-MIA!

Hello Everyone!!!
This post is all about my fabulous time at Art PerChance at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts!!! If you don't know what that is or missed the details about how I'm involved, click over here for an update!

I had so much fun at Art PerChance! I don't (yet!) receive many opportunities to be a VIP, so I was thrilled to be treated so well! There was scrumptious food, delicious drink and elegant surroundings po
pulated intriguing people! But before I say more about the people, let me get started showing you the photos we took!!
Here is me, standing beside the display
of my Sprite Creation.
I was so pleased by the beautiful mounting and other arranging work the MIA did with my Sprite Creation and it was enchanting to be in the company of so many other accomplished artists and their work!

Photos were taken by others, including some that are rumored to be included in Minneapolis-Saint Paul Magazine and October's edition of Minnesota Monthly, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

And now.. the people! The theme was Carnival and some wore elegant dress, some wore comfortable clothing and some of the Art PerChance folks were dressed and working as Carnival barkers to fit the Carnival theme. It was so much fun to play with them all because, as you can see above, I was in full wing-regalia!
I want to take a moment and give a quick shout out to some of my fellow artists here.

Sharon Wagner, an artist and illustrator with a fresh insight and bold colours that she weaves into her works. Sharon was also kind enough to mention and post a photo of me in her blog! THANK YOU SHARON!!!
Maren Kloppmann, who was the Mistress of Mingling and creates phenomenal ceramic works.
Yi Ellis, who exudes quiet exuberance and creates such meaningful work.
Joseph Wehrman, an all around pleasant and talented guy fresh from Seattle!
And!! Billy Curmano, a witty, "extreme peformance artist", who was gracious enough to spend bits of the evening here and there chatting with myself and my husband Paul.
These are, of course, only a few of the gifted artists that were there so feel free to hop over the Art PerChance page and peruse the links!

More photos!!! These are of me at one of the impressive entries to the building, which is flanked by guardian Temple Dogs and Greek-inspired columns.
Whimsical? I say YES!!! But seriously.. aren't they awesome Guardians?!

A mischievous pose, inspired by the famous photo with Marilyn Monroe..

My Sprite Creation was not sold at the Charity Auction, but was raffled off for charity later in the evening! In fact, I was standing less than 10 feet away from the lucky lady when she found out she won and was so excited to give her a congratulatory hug! as she zoomed away to claim her prize! WAHOO!!!

I'll end this now with a few last quite whimsical photos of me. I hope the elation and frivolity of the event and my time at it shines through and leaves you-all with a warm heart and big smiles!!

Until Friday!


  1. SO awesome to see your wings in the MIA!!! LOVE it! Congrats!!

  2. You really know how to have a great time! It was so smart to tie in Sprite Creations by wearing butterfly wings. And thanks for the shout out!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting here Jen of Crystalline Light! Your congratulations mean a lot to me! Yes!! The wings were SO much fun!!! YAYAYAYYAYAY!!

    Hey Sharon!!! Good to see you here!!!! It was wonderful to briefly get to know you and I really like YOUR art, too!!! THANK YOU for your shout-out!!! Here's to ALL of our Prosperity!!! :D