Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whimsy Wednesday! Modding Displays!

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to Wednesday!!

Today I took a little time to play with a few displays that I inherited from a friend that were in less than perfect condition! Oddly enough, neither of these displays are of a style that typically works well for best displaying my Sprite Creations. It is strange but true that these are pretty basic workhorses of most jeweler's displays and yet they don't seem to work as well for me, but c'est la vie!
So! This circumstance encouraged me to play with paint and these pieces.
Let's take a look at our line-up and I'll show you one display already modified today and the second on Fini Friday!

First: The Bracelet Display
This is a beautiful suede display in a dove grey colour that I tend to prefer for my displays. However, the suede has discolored and been worn off in a place or two over time.

Come visit me on Friday to see what happened next!!

Second: A Bust Display
This is a beautiful white leatherette display as you can see in the photo below. What you can't see is some sort of yellow goo that resisted all my attempts to remove it stuck in small globs here and there on the display.

Also, there was quite a bit of that yellow goo around the neck/collar location of the bust, so my first modification quite some time ago was to glue ribbon over it all. This covered up those eyesores, but did nothing to disguise the small globs elsewhere.
I considered other options, such as display covers (Rio Grande has beautiful covers listed under Change Form Covers) as well as just wrapping the bust in different fabric for each show, but I wanted to play with paint!!!!

I retrieved some green paint, mixed it with both black and white to lighten and darken it respectively and set to work! It was so much fun, painting and mixing and playing with the colours! I'm considering maybe painting more in the future!
Here it is, the finished display!

And an excellent view of the detail on the top, including more of that fabulous copper!

And there we are!!
By the way... a added bit of whimsy on this day.....have you noticed our charming little fairy peeking out from behind the bust? No? Go back and look again! Isn't she beautiful!
She seems to approve of the new paint job and I hope you-all like it, too!

See you Friday!!!

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