Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fini Friday! King Tut!

Fini Friday - Egypt and King Tut!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Friday!!! I'm excited to say that I'm out on WalkAbout this Friday and am vising the King Tut exhibit at the MN Science Museum! If photos are allowed, I'll attempt to come home with acceptable examples of what is in the exhibit! I've always been quite interested in Egypt, the culture and mythologies as well as how all of these shifted over time. And, of course, being the Egyptians, there should be lots of beautiful, ancient, Shiny! Shiny!! things to admire!

In celebration of my visit and all the nifty things I'll see and learn, I'm going to show you an Egyptian-inspired Creation that is in-progress!

As you can probably guess, this creation centers around the focal, which is a hand-made ceramic pendant (Peru) with Anubis (Egyptian God of Death & Afterlife) that is Raku-fired (which that gives that fascinating smoky finish to the dominant blue glaze color you see). I took inspiration from the visual full-ness of those fabulous Egyptian collars and distilled it down to a few strands of thinner leather cord. This is so as not to overwhelm and to keep the attention centered on the Anubis pendant. Accents of bright gold and(or silver?) deep black (which remind me of the kohl that the Egyptians used to line their eyelids!) are an absolute must! And this is where the creation's growth stalls... I haven't yet found or created the perfect clasp and am not quite ruling out a few other adornments such as lapis or carnelian or?

So, stay tuned for further developments and the completion of this creation!
I'll see you back here next week and I hope your weekend is as full of mystery and wonder as mine!

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