Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fini Friday!! A little early!

Hello Everyone!
Fini Friday is a little early this week as I'll be away from the Internets for most of tomorrow and this weekend! So!
I've some bubbly, light and faerie-like creations to show you today!
I started these earrings last week but ran out of time and so i picked them up and completed them today!
This is a bit of an unusual style for me and I really enjoyed the organic nature of the wire-wrapping the effervescent bead around the aluminum link.
Title: Bubbling Up
Ingredients: repurposed painted acrylic beads, aluminum, copper wire (permanently coated, USA), glass, silver-plated surgical steel earwires.

The second creation is centered around the ceramic butterfly wing from Earthenwood Studio. This was a remainder left over from one of Melanie's bulk orders of doll parts.. I believe. I was enchanted by the wing and determined to use it in a new and different way! I was delighted to match it with a length of Faerie Ribbon and accentend with a Heart of Gold (Venetian glass) and Sterling Silver.
Title: Faerie Flight
Ingredients: Hand-crafted ceramic wing from Earthenwood Studios, Faerie Ribbon (hand-dyed silk ribbon), venetian glass, sterling silver.

This necklace, to me, is almost a recipe for how to fly as Faeries do... First, you must have wings, then a heart of gold, and finally be willing to follow and trust your intuition (silver is thought to help with tap into one's deep inner knowing and to assist with intuitive decisions).

And with that, I hope your weekend is full of that which helps your heart soar!

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