Friday, July 20, 2012

Fini Friday! Changes and New Ideas!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!!
I hope this is an excellent end of the work week for (many of) you and the start of your weekend!!
The sorting, organizing and reorganizing continues around my studio and my life! I'm actively seeking to finish, lay to rest or stage to donate things that no longer serve me. I'm finding that I can only do so much of it in one stretch of time and then need to revisit it later. Good to know!That's part of the change referenced in the title.. but wait, there's more!!
While doing all of that, I came upon these creations, still growing...two of which have been languishing for a while and one that is newer!
I'll show you the two older ideas first...
Working Title: Ocean at Sunset

Working Title: Ocean at Midnight

You can see that both of these have a fabulous hand-made sea-shell focal of Lampworked Borosilicate Glass (from Unicorne Beads)! I've matched them both with hand-dyed silk ribbons, and included Swarovski Crystal yarn and a sparkly copper-coloured ribbon with the "Sunset" design and am playing with various types, textures and shapes of blue beads for the "Midnight" idea.

More changes are afoot and I wanted to draw your attention to another that I am proud of!  As many of you know, I have an Internet Studio (Store) on Etsy.  This is an Internet Marketplace of Hand-crafted Goodies!  They've introduced a new "About" feature to our studios and I've had fun playing with the Portrait and Studio Photos they've encouraged us to upload, as well as telling a bit of my "story".  Click here to take a go take a look!

And now, that last and newer idea I mentioned earlier!  
Working Title:  Book of Dreams

A while ago, I did a series of three necklaces, all with small books similar to this (Yes!! You *CAN* actually write in them!!!) and they grew into The Book of Love, The Book of Mysteries and The Book of Life.  The Book of Mysteries and Life have found their people and been adopted and the Book of Love is still with me!
(Not a bad thing, says I!) It seems that the time has come to finish The Book of Dreams!  Stay tuned to see what all of these grow into!

Here is a look ahead at what I'm up to in July!
My BlogTalk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton!
Messages From the Faeries #9!
PLEASE NOTE!  Due to severe weather and other events, this has been rescheduled to NEXT Tuesday, July 24th from 3pm to 4pm (CST, USA)!  So! You have another opportunity to tune in and listen up!

And my next event is.....
July 28th and 29th
Saturday 10am to 7pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
J and S Bean Factory
1518 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN (USA)

It would be grand to see you there!
See you on Friday!

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