Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday & Fini Friday! Heart and Play!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday!!!
I have a fun batch of creation-goodies that I am pleased to show you today! 
I finished a deceptively simple creation at my last show and wanted to present it to you-all now!
 Title: Brilliant Heart I
ngredients: Swarovski crystal heart, ribbon trim (with sequins), lead-free pewter, metal, Fray-Check.
This is the perfect creation for a bride, to complete a costume, a shiny gift for a Faerie and all of those who dream the fantastic!  This is up for adoption in my Etsy shoppe now!

This next bunch of photos is a collection of creations that I created with hand-coloured resin and other found objects...
The collection of creations is in the photo on the left and includes tie tacks, a dragon button, a cross pendant and, again, a camera-shaped tie tack!
I used a few different techniques to embellish these objects.  I hand-painted the hand-coloured resin on all of this, but there are a few more layers of things happening on some of these.... I dotted opaque red pigment on the round tie-tack on the left, then wiped it off and then sealed that in with a golden glitter-tinted resin.  This same tinted resin was used to seal the old watch parts (in 2 layers!) on the black cuff links shown in the middle of the group photograph.  I love how the Emerald Green colour filled in all the detail of the Dragon button! And, a final bit of whimsy is the camera-shaped tie tack, included in a more detailed shot on the side....  This, too, was hand-painted resin with the golden glitter resin.  It is a beautiful detail that adds a subtle elegance and bit of play to this creation! 
I hope you had as much fun perusing these creations as I did in creating them!

Just a little FYI: I'll be on vacation at CONvergence the rest of week! 
(Maybe I'l see some of you there?!)
One last little note...Magical Monday will likely be on Tuesday of next week! Ciao!

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