Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Transition Tuesday...Music to Ease Back into the Everyday...

Hello Everyone! 
You may have noticed that I was on vacation for about a week and so there was no Magical Monday post! 
I'm back from participating in CONvergence and it was a blast!!! I am one of many who help organize this convention throughout the year and it is always fun, heart-warming and a bit nerve-wracking to see it all come together. And then it does, in wonderful ways and becomes is simply fun! 
Sleep, as with most awesome events, is in short supply... mostly because no one wants to miss a single moment of such interesting stuff and so I'm easing into my everyday world with a post full of beauty and music and the awesome-ness that people can create, if they are of a mind to. 
But first! A very important date in Geek History (Future?) that slipped by unnoticed as I was  prepping for CONvergence!
From the Back to the Future movies...epic win photos - Time Circuit WIN 
I'm sad to say that I don't see any hoverboards around just yet... Boo!!

And now, for the music! I have one photo and two videos for you! 
First, the photo!
 epic win photos - Urban Piano WIN 
This is a project in Paris where pianos are placed all over the city so as to encourage citizens to play music more often!  Nifty!!!! 

And then the videos! Fun with Your Cello
I love the look of joy on this musicians face!!! 

And finally.... Ode to a Flashmob!
This flashmob orchestra was orchestrated by the Banco Sabadell of Spain in celebration of their 130th anniversary. 
Very cool. 
And with that, I bid you Adieu and will see you on the morrow for Whimsy Wednesday! 

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