Monday, July 30, 2012

Magical Monday! Sharing Stories and Shinies!

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to Magical Monday!!  I hope your weekend was superb!
Mine was and I have stories and shinies to share!
This past weekend saw me and Sprite Creations returning to the Bean Factory Artist Market! It was much fun as we saw old friends and made new ones! Thank you to everyone who stopped by!! We also had a chance to try out a new tent/table layout as we set up in the soaking rain on Sunday morning! I'm sharing this with you because of the serendipity(and thus magic) of the circumstance! We were happy to use the two day show as an excuse to catch up with good friends. The visit was long overdue. They had a rainbow umbrella languishing amongst other unclaimed garage sale items and asked if we had a use for such a thing. My response was, "How could I not have a use for a Rainbow Umbrella"?!!!  A photo of it is below!
Isn't it so cheerful and bright?
This wonderful addition to our lives helped us tremendously the next day as we set-up our tent and sidewalls in the pouring rain.  As many of you with tents know, it is really difficult to have a completely waterproof tent canopy and the rain started to seep in around the seams.  We erected the umbrella inside and underneath the canopy, clustered the tables, displays and creations underneath it's bright colours and hung creations and a banner from it's support spokes and structure!  YAY!! Now it's a festive feature to draw folks in on a rainy day!  Fortunately, the rain cleared out in only a few hours and the rest of the day was filled with sun!  We received many compliments on our set-up and now we are plotting more uses for our fabulous accoutrement!  Yay! for good friends and magical timing!

This next story is of the necklace pictures below, A Mermaid's Tale. You can find the story and details of it's growth here!  We were paid an absolutely delightful visit by someone who was cheerful, fun and was a delight to have in our space! As it turns out, she adopted a this very special mermaid-themed necklace!  I think there must have been some magic afoot, as she reminds me a bit of a mermaid herself!  It is such a gift to an artist when someone immediately groks an intricate piece of art that you've created and so it was with she and this creation!    YAY!!!!

So!  Now you know a little of the magic that happens at the shows, perhaps you'll join us next time you're in the area?!  
That would be fun!

My next event is August 11t!
Saturday only!  10am to 6pm
 1579 Hamline Avenue North
Saint Paul, MN 55108

See you on Wednesday!

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